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Tourist Attraction in Pailin Province, Cambodia

Wat Phnom Yat:built by Shan migrants from Myanmar in 1922,is a holy place for worship in the heart of Pailin with includes an old pagoda, similar to the Kola pagoda. With loads of folk tales and legends in the area, the wat is the centre of popular devotion, for residents of Pailin and visitors alike upon many ancient structures on Phnom Yat, including big and small stupas and Asroms or hermitages, places for meditation. The building up of the place is originally coming up with a folktales about At that time, there were a husband and a wife who had the same names, Yart. They worked as gem miners in Pailin area. When they grew old they went to take meditation on a mountain which is now called Phnom Yart. The Pailinners who often went to sell gems in Siam bought some hand guns and rifles in order to protect their property and residence. When they were bored, they took guns and went to hunt animals in the wood for pleasure. Such a pleasure hunting made all spirits living in the forest surprised. One day the most powerful spirit transformed himself to meet grandfather Yart and grandmother Yart so as to send verbal message to ask the grandparents to tell the hunters not to fire at animals all over the woods which caused all spirits to be frightened, lose their children and grandchildren. " So, stop firing, we will help you with finding precious stone, " the spirit said, " in order to become rich and prosperous." " But if you become the rich, build a pagoda at this mountain site and then play music with peacock dance every holyday, " said the spirit.The spirit disappeared soon after telling, Grandpa Yart and grandma Yart took the message and went to inform all residents. The residents obeyed the spirit's advice.

Wat Rattanak Sopoan:At the foot of Phnom Yat is another pagoda, Wat Rattanak Sopoan. On the walls of the enclosure surrounding the pagoda is a bas-relief depicting the Hindu saga of the churning of the Ocean of Milk.

Phnom Kiev Waterfall (Blue Mountain):Local at Sangkat Steung Kach, Khan Saha Krau in 20-Kilometer distance from the Pailin town, set on the nearest border of Thailand among some parts are already been through to the thai area.The rainforest and highly source of natural with an extremely popular tropical zone in Pailin,Faced the famous history during Khmer Rouge, Phnom Kiev Waterfall was a place for Khmer rouge killer to be hide and escape beyond 1979 and now collaborates with foreign tourist for becoming their adventure area. It provided several different kinds of birds and animal which lived beneath the forest and the waterfall. No any Tiger and dangerous animal to be found. However,snakes are common as some small cobra and a large python revealed to be stayed in This natural resort is a specific tourism place after Wat Phnom Yat.

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