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Ta Promh Temple in Siem Reap

Ta Promh is a theatrical backdrop of gnarled banyan tree roots spilling down doorways and sneaking slowly around corners.

Visitors see the banyan which moves like a snake over walls of Ta Prohm temple. No one misses the opportunity to take photographs of these trees which grow almost as it they wanted to smother the walls of the temple.

Ta Promh was the soul of the Angkor capital during his reign Jayavarman VII dedicated the temple to his mother (in her image) and to Buddha. Ta Prohm temple has Sanskrit inscriptions like stone documents really, which clearly describe the temple and its inhabitants. According to the inscription it took 79,365 people to maintain the temple. However these numbers were probably doctored by the king.

There is also inventory of property belonging to the temple, 4,540 rubies and 40,620 other precious stone, 876 large curtains imported from China 512 silk bed covers and 523 parasols.

Beside these valuables the inscriptions note official tax levies collected from various agricultural products and also describe foreign diplomatic relationship.

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